Certified Healthy takes a holistic view of the factors impacting human health and assigns relative value to their importance. It gives property owners, tenants, land use planners and regulators a practical way to guide decision making and allocate resources. 

Certified Healthy is a paid program that provides communities, developers and property owners with certification that designates their properties as Healthy Places and differentiates them from their competition.

The most significant world-wide social and market trend is the focus on living healthy lives.  Healthy  is the fastest growing trend and is being driven by consumers who are demanding that their communities, schools, homes and offices be healthy and facilitate healthier lives. 

We have recently reached a tipping point where healthy options for food have become mainstream.  Manufacturing and transportation options are quickly embracing this trend as consumers are demanding healthy products and paying a premium for these options.  Housing and land development have not yet embraced this concept. 

Certified Healthy is a culmination of all of the best planning principles and practices developed over the years with the addition of established health care principles.  Certified Healthy integrates planning elements such as environmentally sensitive planning where the natural systems of a site are respected and enhanced, context sensitive design, smart streets, pedestrian scaled, integration of best management practices (BMP’s) including low impact developments (LID), green alleys, and sustainable practices.

Planning principles are then supplemented with a foundation of providing residents with easily accessible healthy choices for exercise, food and health care.  When implemented Certified Healthy criteria actively discourage unhealthy behavior while encouraging healthy behavior.   Creative solutions are encouraged but a disciplined approach is also required so that logical and obvious choices are not overlooked.

Certified Healthy is:

A robust yet accessible and rational certification application process that is based upon healthy place and building standards that we have developed in conjunction with Industry Leaders in Health Care, Planning, Design, Construction and Facility Management.   

Three levels of certification are available depending upon the Healthy components included in the design and operation of a building / community.




There is also a secondary certification based upon on-going operations and programming.

Certified Healthy is undertaking a leadership positon in the research, publication and dissemination of state of the art standards defining what constitutes a healthy place.  The company is taking a national and local leadership role in addressing development problems and opportunities when creating healthy places.  Our team is composed of established leaders in health care, real estate, and land use planning and community development.  

Certified Healthy has an unparalleled data base of planning, financing, entitlements, design, construction and operational standards applicable to Building Healthy Places.  




Certified Healthy mission is to incentivize municipalities, community and building developers, builders and operators to create healthy places.