Utilizing six criteria – Context + Community, Safety, Site, Building, Interiors and Operations, and Programming and a series of sub-criteria that are specific to a project type – each project is evaluated against these industry standards.  

The Certified Healthy application criteria is currently designed for places and buildings.  All applications utilize a foundation of standard criteria.  Due to the variety of community and building types addressed by Certified Healthy each of the specific applications have been customized to reflect the unique circumstances found in each of the categories.  These include Places; communities; neighborhoods; campuses and resorts and Buildings, municipal/civic, health care, schools, apartments, dormitories, hotels, office and homes. 

The following is the foundational check list to be applied to all categories.

1.  Context / Community – healthy assets accessible to the project.

2.  Safety – provide a safe environment.

3.  Site – integrate natural systems, pedestrians and users.

4.  Buildings – healthy systems designed into the building.

5.  Operations / Interiors – healthy materials and methods integrated into operations.

6.  Programming – assisting people to make healthy lifestyle choices.